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Waxing services offered in Ardmore, OK

If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted hair on your face or body, professional waxing offers a solution. Waxing is among the services available from Ardmore Aesthetic Solutions in Ardmore, Oklahoma, under the care of Scott Cooper, PA-C. To give professional waxing a try, call the office to schedule a visit or book online in just a few clicks. 

Waxing Q&A

What is professional waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal option that uses special wax to grip unwanted hair and remove it by eliminating the hair root. It’s a great way to achieve soft, smooth skin without the endless cycle of shaving, plucking, or using depilatory creams. 


There are a variety of waxing products available over-the-counter. None can match the results available through professional waxing. Not only do aesthetic professionals have access to products not made available to the public, but they also have the training and experience needed to perform safe and effective waxing. 


At-home waxing often results in skin damage. Many people heat the wax too much, creating a scalding effect on the skin. It’s also difficult to know how much speed to use and which angle to take when removing the wax, which can cause a rash and leave unwanted hair and sticky wax that still needs removing. 

What happens during waxing visits?

Professional waxing uses either hard or soft wax. Soft wax products are heated before being applied to your skin using a handheld spatula. Next, your provider smooths a strip of fabric onto the surface of the wax. The heated wax adheres to your hair and the fabric strip, and when your practitioner quickly pulls the strip away, all of the wax and unwanted hair goes with it. 


Hard wax does not require a fabric strip for removal. As the wax cools, it hardens and can be removed by simply lifting a small section from your skin before swiftly pulling the entire strip free. 


Professional waxing takes very little time. Your practitioner makes every effort to help you remain comfortable throughout your visit. Most people find professional waxing tolerable, but your practitioner can apply a numbing cream before the session if you have sensitive skin. 

How often do I need to come in for waxing services?

In general, waxing results last around 3-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth patterns. Waxing is an excellent option for removing unwanted hair in many areas, including:


  • Face
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Neck
  • Bikini


You can also have spot waxing to remove smaller areas of unwanted hair, like on your fingers or toes. Some people even have waxing on the edges of their ears. 


If you’re ready to see about all the waxing buzz, call Ardmore Aesthetic Solutions to schedule a visit, or book online.